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Our business model allows you to buy a portion of a Las Vegas luxury home for far less than you’d pay on your own. Invest less money, energy, and stress. Enjoy every moment more.

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Affordable Las Vegas luxury homes actually do exist. Choose from stunning properties with the finest furnishings, cutting-edge appliances, and superior amenities in some of Las Vegas’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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Savor Your Las Vegas


Vacation Upgrade

Owning a portion of your own vacation home gives you flexibility, luxury, and the seamless rejuvenation you need. We’re here to help you upgrade your vacations and enjoy an escape from your everyday.

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Affordable Luxury

Luxury shouldn’t have to break the bank or take away from your vacation experience. Invest less time, money, and energy in a portion of a beautiful, high-end property, and enjoy the high-end escape of your dreams.

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Experience Luxury

Exceptional amenities make the difference between just another house and a resort-quality escape. At HAME Homes, expect the best properties in high-end style—from furnishings to appliances, landscaping, décor, and more.

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Make Your Dream Vacation

Your Reality