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Know Everything There Is To Know About Fractional Ownership


What Is HAME Homes?

HAME Homes, LLC manages vacation homes on a fractional real estate business model. That means we enable you to purchase a portion of a vacation home, spending far less than you would if you purchased an entire vacation home on your own. We cover the home’s maintenance and upkeep and help you reserve the home for the slots you’d like throughout the year. Find out more on our About Us page!

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What locations does HAME Homes serve?

HAME Homes offers vacation homes in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What homes are currently available for fractional ownership?

Explore available homes on our Opportunities page! If you see something you like, feel free to contact us to schedule a tour.

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How do fractional deeds work?

HAME Homes negotiates the lowest buying price on a property, then calculates a price per fraction. That fractional price includes all the upfront costs of buying a home, from closing costs to taxes--everything you'd deal with when buying a home on your own, without the hassle. One all-inclusive fractional costs purchases several weeks of personal use, so you enjoy all the benefits of owning a luxury Las Vegas home without having to deal with the costs of upkeep and property management. 

Who owns the full property?

HAME Homes, LLC purchases the full property and holds legal ownership in trust for its fractional shareholders. Your shareholding will be in accordance with your investment; some fractional owners purchase a larger share than others. Any sale and profit of your share of the property will go directly back to you as the fractional owner if you choose to sell it. 

What are the advantages of fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership means you share ownership of a luxury home. The fractional ownership model gives you far more flexibility than you’d have with an ordinary vacation home. But you’re not responsible with furnishing the home or providing for its upkeep, maintenance, or other costs throughout the year.

What are the advantages of fractional ownership over full ownership?

In theory, whole ownership means that the owners of a property can use it whenever they choose--so visiting their property at a moment's notice is never an issue. With fractional ownership, flexible usage terms are laid out in advance. This is ideal for those who plan vacations and business travel well in advance. Fractional owners also have the option of exchanging weeks with other owners. With whole ownership, homeowners pay the entire cost to purchase, furnish, and maintain the home. The financial burden of home ownership is significantly heavier--especially for owners of vacation homes, who often only use their vacation properties for a few weeks or a month each year. With fractional ownership, you save money and the stress of maintaining a home far away, while only paying for the time you're actually going to use the property.

What is the process for reserving the home or finding out when it’s available?

Once you become a fractional owner of a property, you’ll be matched with your own property manager who will keep lines of communication open, answer your questions, and make sure the home is reserved for you when you need it. A simple online booking process ensures the home is prepared for your arrival.

What about items like bed linens and towels?

Much like a hotel, you’ll find everything you need in place when you arrive at your vacation home—from comfortable linens on the beds to towels and washcloths in the bathroom and beach towels for the pool.

Who takes care of the home’s maintenance, landscaping, home insurance, and other necessities?

Your vacation home should be a retreat, not a burden. That’s why HAME Homes handles all maintenance, cleaning, and regular bills so you don’t have to.

Will I be able to sell my fractional interest later on?

Yes! If you're interested in selling your fractional interest, just contact us and we'll be happy to help you. 

How is fractional ownership different than a timeshare?

With fractional ownership, you truly own a portion of a luxury vacation home, in conjunction with 4-5 other co-owners. This gives you far more flexibility to reserve the home and use it to fit your needs. Timeshares, on the other hand, involve buying time--not ownership of an actual property--and involve sharing a property with dozens of other members. With fractional real estate, you're far more likely to be able to recoup your investment by selling your fractional interest, whereas timeshares often go for just 20% of their original value because they are so aggressively overpriced. 

What are some of the other benefits of purchasing a fractional home in Las Vegas?

Tailored Usage: Because most people don't tend to vacation for more than a set few weeks each year, fractional buyers can purchase a share covering just the amount of time they'll want to use the property. Fractional owners won't have to worry about renting out a property when they're not there or maintaining it during the off-season. 
Guaranteed Residence: Las Vegas hotels fill up quickly, especially when large events and conferences are hosted there. With a fractional ownership, you'll always be guaranteed to have access to your property during your scheduled time, no matter how busy the city is. 
Less Hassle: Appointed management companies like HAME Homes make second home ownership a breeze. When you arrive for your vacation, you can be sure everything will be ready for your arrival. 
Smart Investment: Fractional buyers own a share of the "bricks and mortar" of the home, so they benefit from any increase in the property's value. They also receive any profit if and when they choose to sell their share. 
Easy Entry for International Buyers: Investing in a fraction of a home is a great way for international buyers to purchase a Las Vegas home at a much lower cost than if they bought the home on their own. They won't have to deal with the constant upkeep that a vacation home requires, but they'll still experience the capital growth and lifestyle benefits of having a vacation property overseas. 
Own a Superior Property: Because fractional shares keep the costs as low as possible, fractional property owners are able to invest in a far more upscale property than they would purchase outright on their own. 

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